Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This invaluable book brings together a whole range of contemporary approaches to drama in education. 12 leading practitioners from the worlds of educational drama and professional theatre have come together under the umbrella of London Drama - including Dorothy Heathcote, Jonothan Neelands, Amanda Kipling, Daniel Shindler, Andy Kempe and Carey English - under the editorship of John Coventon. These experts draw on an even wider pool of contemporary theorists. Topics include the development of communication skills with key stage 1 children, an exploration of personal identity in GCSE drama,a detailed description of Mantle of the Expert used with Turkish young people,an exploration of modern gang culture through Romeo and Juliet, how to deal with ethical issues and risk-taking, developing key stage 2 children's playwriting skills, working with theatre companies in school and multi-disciplinary projects. Many of the accounts feature verbatim dialogue from children and young people, providing a raw undercurrent to this candid snapshot of educational drama at the beginning of the twenty-first century - written by people who know what they are talking about.

Drama To Inspire has a recommended price of £20.99. It is published by Trentham Books and available from London Drama as well as Amazon.

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