Saturday, April 25, 2015

game-of-the-week-more-4An exciting chase game where you can sit on a chair for a quick escape.

You need the same number of chairs as there are players – minus two. Spread the chairs out around the space, facing in all different directions. Select one person to be the chaser (“it”) and another to be the runner. Everyone else sits down on a chair. Start off with the two players a good distance apart.

The two players race between the chairs. When the runner wants to escape, he can touch the back of any chair and say “Budge!” The person on that chair has to get up and run while the previous runner sits down. Once the chaser catches their prey (by tapping them on the shoulder) then they swop roles – or two new players can be chosen.

Game of the Week is taken from 101 More Drama Games and Activities available from and in paperback and Kindle.

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