Sunday, May 24, 2015

game-of-the-week-more-4Play tennis with words – how long can you keep going?

In this word-association game, participants have to keep thinking up words in a chosen category and ‘bat’ them to each other. Whoever repeats a word or can’t think of one is out, and somebody else takes his or her place. You can demonstrate with two participants and then play in teams of four or five.

Each team forms a queue facing another team. The two players at the head of each line play each other until one of them can’t think of a word – or repeats an earlier word. That person goes to the back of the line and the next player takes their place. Ask the players to mime batting the words to each other – it’s more fun with actions.


colours / fruit / vegetables / sea creatures / flavours of ice cream / fairy tales / pets / jungle animals / desserts / celebrities / sports / hobbies / capital cities / adverbs / adjectives

  • Change the categories as often as you need to maintain interest. Students will soon come up with their own interesting suggestions for new themes.
  • For language learners you can put word lists on display around the space.


If necessary give a word limit for each person so that everyone gets a turn – otherwise someone who is really good could keep going while the other team members wait to have a turn.

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