Monday, September 22, 2014

game-of-the-week-101The participants make a circle and imagine that they are standing around the edge of a toy boating pond. The leader stands behind one player, asks her to close her eyes and lightly pushes her so that she sets off steadily across the circle. On the other side of the “pond” the players must be ready to catch the “boat” when it arrives. The “boat” opens her eyes and takes the place of whichever person caught her. She gently pushes the person who caught her across the circle to someone else.

  • Take the game slowly and remember that it always seems much further to the other side when you have your eyes closed!
  • Most important is that the “boat” is gently and safely caught each time – otherwise it wouldn’t be a trust game!
  • As the trust develops you could try launching a second or even third boat – but hold onto them until it is safe to let them go.

Game of the Week is taken from 101 Drama Games and Activities, available from and in paperback and Kindle.

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