Tuesday, September 30, 2014

game-of-the-week-more-4Everybody practises telling their own story.

In pairs, ‘A’ tells ‘B’ an anecdote lasting one minute. It can be something that happened at school, at work, on holiday, in the street – anything, just as long as it is memorable to the teller. ‘B’ listens without asking any questions. After one minute, ring the bell or blow the whistle. Now it is ‘B’s turn to tell a personal story. After another minute, give the signal to stop. Each person will have had the chance to tell a story and gauge its effect on the listener.

Everybody swops partners. Both ’A’ and ‘B’ tell their own stories again. This is their opportunity to tighten up the story and observe its effect on a new listener. The story will probably flow more smoothly this time.

Finally, everyone swaps partners for the third time and repeats the exercise. The tellers should find that they have improved the story by telling it again, as well as by absorbing the techniques used by their partners. This can lead into a useful discussion about storytelling techniques - what is it that makes the telling of a story more enjoyable?

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