Friday, March 06, 2015

Primary Drama Across The Curriculum - June 2015

Wednesday 10th June 2015
10:30am - 4:30pm at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1
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This one-day drama INSET course with David Farmer immerses you in activities and ideas which you can take back and use immediately in the primary school classroom or drama club. The drama strategies can be used across the curriculum and are designed to meet statutory drama and literacy objectives.

Drama Courses

Since 2005 Drama Resource has offered a range of high quality training opportunities to hundreds of teachers, teaching assistants, drama practitioners, actors and directors. Courses on drama in education explore the role of drama techniques to use across the curriculum. Courses on directing and devising theatre use exciting and creative approaches to developing group performance.  All courses are highly practical and supported by course notes, enabling participants to easily adapt the approaches for their own use.








Toynbee Studios

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Lots of inspirational ideas packed into one day. I've enjoyed every minute and learnt a lot.

Sally Steele (April 2013)

Thank you so much for such a carefully thought out programme. I loved your calm, wise, appreciation.

Elaine English (November 2012)

It was a wonderful way to get new ideas - and be reminded of old ones. I enjoyed the chance to work with enthusiastic like-minded people.

Alex Wilkie (October 2008)

I found the day absolutely brilliant and have already taught a couple of lessons to Year 3 using your planning. The most valuable thing for me was to actually take part in the activities as it gave me a deeper understanding of the drama techniques.

Claire Stokes (September 2008)

I came here to be inspired and I have been. Thank you for such a great day of drama that I can use across all areas of the curriculum.

Karen Boswell (April 2013)

A lively, inspirational and safe atmosphere was established to enable creative engagement.

Sean Spurvey (November 2012)

It is a while since I have been on a course which truly inspired and re-energised my teaching.

Ginny Davies (February 2010)

I thought that you created an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. It was an extremely enjoyable day where I learnt a lot. Those days don't come by very often.

Diana Smith (May 2009.)