Sunday, April 26, 2015

This sequel to the best-selling 101 Drama Games and Activities contains inspirational and engaging games and exercises suitable for children, young people and adults. The activities can be used in drama lessons and workshops as well as during rehearsal and devising periods.

The book includes lively and fun warm-up games, vocal exercises and activities to develop concentration, focus and team building. The key drama strategies can be used as creative tools to explore themes and characters. There is a new section on developing skills which arms participants with tools for improvising characters and situations as well as dozens of ideas for developing improvisation (which can be extended over several sessions). There is also an expanded storytelling section with some very accessible games for making up and telling stories. The final section is on mime and movement.

'...bubbles over with imaginative ideas which could be used to good effect by non-specialist as well as seasoned drama teachers. Excellent resource for primary, secondary and other drama teachers.'
- Teaching Drama Magazine, Spring 2013.

'In this current climate where speaking and listening and enjoyment are being left out of the curriculum, this book cheered me up. Buy it and smile. There will be a lot of laughter in your classroom.'
- Drama Magazine, Spring 2013.

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There are many extended activities in the new volume so that you can explore them over the major part of a session or even develop them over a period of weeks. Like most drama games and activities, most of these can be easily adapted for different age-groups, although the majority are more suitable for seven year-olds all the way up to adult. They will appeal to both primary and secondary teachers, as well those running youth groups and drama clubs. Directors will find many exercises suitable for the rehearsal room for extending actors' skills, leading into work on scripts or devised work.

David Farmer is a freelance drama consultant and theatre director. A founder member of Tiebreak Theatre Company, he has led projects for Creative Partnerships and the Shakespeare Youth Festival. He runs regular training courses for teachers and directors in the UK and abroad. He manages the popular website, keeping in touch with thousands of people around the world.



Anyone Who
Circle And Cross
Fruit Bowl
Wrong Names
Clap Across The Circle
Human Bingo
Bippity Bippity Bop
Cat and Mouse
Adverb Game
Sagidi Sagidi Sapopo
Night Watchman

Vocal Exercises

Standing and Breathing
Yawning and Sighing
Ball of Gum
Rose, Rose
The Grand Old Duke of York

Drama Strategies

Still Images
Thought Tracking
Conscience Alley
And Action!
Where Do You Stand?
Open and Close  

Concentration and Focus

Change the Rhythm
What Did I Do?
Who’s Missing?
Clap In Time
Detective Jenkins
Who Killed King John?
Control Tower
Zoo Game

Developing Skills

Who, What, Where
Freeze Tag
Don’t Say ‘S’
Slide Show
Picture Posers
Snappy Scenes
Guess The Emotion
Know Thy Place
Status Shuffle
Levels Of Tension
The Actor's Worst Nightmare


Status Swop
Sit, Stand, Bend
Page to Stage
Hit the Headlines
Guided Tour
Commercial Break
Death in a Minute
Living Pictures
Fabulous Fables
Just In Case
Goldfish Bowl
Animal Characters
Poetry in Motion
Three Word Sentences

Fairy Tales

Just a Minute
Mix and Match
Performance Styles
Theatre in Education
Fairy Tale Update
What If?
Fairy Tale Party

Story Telling

Catch a Story
Word Tennis
Daft Definitions
Whose Story?
Extraordinary Excuses
I Can’t Remember What Happened Next
In the City of Rome
Sound Journey
Random Words 
Story Web
Tell It Again
Point of View
Human Storyboard
Picture Pixies
Happily Ever After

Team Building

Zombie Penguin
The Layer Game
Family Portraits

Mime and Movement

Sculptor and Statue
The Giant’s Hobby
Mime Room
Moving Images
Slow Motion Race
Physical Text
Abstract Art